Legal Requirements for Catholic Marriages in Rome

A) Religious Requirements:

Four/ Six months before your Wedding you need to gather all of the relevant Church documents. Make an appointment with your Parish Priest to organise the following:

1. Pre- Nuptial Inquiry Forms (to be completed by your parish priest)
2. Baptismal Certificate (must be new, issued no earlier than six months before the wedding)
3. Confirmation Certificate
4. Letter of Freedom
5. Dispensation from any impediments to the marriage (only if required)
6. When all of the above papers are completed, your Parish priest should send them to the bishop of your diocese with a request that a Testimonial letter be granted for the celebration of your marriage in Rome. The documents should then be forwarded directly to the church venue from the Bishop’s office.
7. Documents should be received by the Church in Rome FOUR weeks before the wedding

NB: It is important that you make a donation to the parish in order to cover the cost of preparing and mailing your documents.

B) Civil documents

Civil Requirements for Irish Nationals:

Irish Citizens residing in Ireland must apply online to the Consular Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs for a certificate of NO IMPEDIMENT. This is also known as a NULLA OSTA. The Department will send the appropriate application forms which should be completed and returned with a set fee about twelve weeks prior to the date of the marriage in Rome. The document will be issued

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