Why Choose Weddings In Rome?


We are an Irish and Rome Company

You want your Wedding Day to be perfect but think that perfection cannot be achieved without stress! Here at Weddings in Rome, we will help you to obtain your dream wedding with ease.
We are an Irish and Rome based company with reliable and professional contacts. We have had personal experience of getting married in Rome and can therefore understand the requirements of all of our clients. Every bride is different after all… We have also planned and organised many Weddings in Rome from the most luxurious to the elegantly humble.
With Ten years of experience at Weddings in Rome, we have long established relationships with a wide range of excellent suppliers thus ensuring that your Wedding Day is perfect. Furthermore, our locally based Wedding Consultant in Ireland will ensure that you are at ease and she will guide you through each step towards your Wedding in Rome.
From experience, we have found that every couple wants to know exactly what they are getting for their money. Here at Weddings in Rome, we recognise that other Wedding Planners charge for ‘extras.’ The appeal of these little things can soon mount up! Rather, we provide very clear and specific details for your Package thus avoiding any stressful monetary surprises!

The next step on your journey together is your Wedding Day. This is the single most important day to mark the beginning of your lives together.  You want to spend your Wedding Day with your new husband/wife, family and friends.


What better way to seal and share your Eternal love than to marry in the Eternal City? There is simply no-where else in the world like Rome and its surrounding areas. No-where else would you find a city so steeped in history, filled with grandiose sites, flowing fountains, cobblestone streets and wonderful food and wine.

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Umbria Region

Moving beyond Rome and into the Umbria region, the country’s ‘green heart’ you will be captivated by its medieval hill towns, dense forests and local cuisine, particularly foraged truffles and wines.

Tuscany Region

Venturing further into central Italy is Tuscany. Its capital, Florence, is home to some of the world’s most recognizable Renaissance art and architecture. Its diverse natural landscape encompasses the rugged Apennine Mountains, the island of Elba’s beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea and Chianti’s olive groves and vineyards.