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Trying to organise a Destination Wedding is no easy feat. Trying to choose the right planner within your personal budget can become very overwhelming. We are here to make it simple.

The Simplicity Package

£1400 or Euro equivalent

  • Advice on Church/legal documents
  • Photographer
  • Hairdressers
  • Makeup
  • Flowers
  • Musician
  • Restaurant
  • Wedding Cake
  • Chauffer from airport
  • Car for Wedding day
  • Recommended accommodation for your guests
  • Regular updates for client
  • Nothing more, nothing less; Simply the best Wedding experience in Rome.
  • • Note that the price listed is the Wedding Planner Fee only

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Advice on Church/ Legal Documents

Catholic Weddings

There are two parts to validating a Catholic marriage; Firstly your Marriage is a Sacrament which carries with it responsibility. Christian marriage requires preparation. It is advised that you complete a Pre- Marriage course prior to your Wedding ‘Accord’ as well as your own parish should offer interesting and informative courses. These courses are a great opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule to spend quality time together. You must also make an appointment with your Parish Priest to inform him about your Wedding in Rome. The priest will ask you both to complete a Pre- Nuptial Inquiry Form so that you both understand the responsibilities as well as the sanctity of Marriage.
The second aspect to a Catholic Marriage the legal side. Irish couples must contact the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin in order to complete an online application. With our knowledge and proficiency in these matters, we are sure to make this aspect as easy as possible.

Choice of Church Venue

Catholic Churches

Weddings in Rome are pleased to offer a range stunning venues for your Church Wedding.  These Churches have been carefully chosen by ourselves for a number of reasons; They are all very uniquely beautiful, have very friendly English speaking priests and are in prime locations.  We have no doubt that you will fall in love with these breathtaking Churches.


Photographer/ DVD

Your Wedding Album encapsulates the very essence of your Wedding Day in Rome.  It is paramount that the photographer captures every moment of your special day.

Our photographer understands the needs of the couple and is very accommodating. Depending on your venue, you may select from a number of Roman venues as a backdrop for your photos. Your driver will bring you to these sites where you will become part of Roman history!

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Hair and Make-up

Your Wedding Day in Rome will be the perfect setting and you will also want to look totally perfect. Your Wedding Day will commence with preparing and pampering for your walk down the aisle to meet your soon to be husband.  What better way to prepare for this than to sit with a glass of Champagne whilst having our chosen stylists apply your make-up and style your hair.  You will have an idea of how you would like your make-up and hair to look in keeping with your dress, theme etc.  Please ensure that you discuss this with the stylists on the day.


Bride’s Bouquet and Bridesmaids

Here at Weddings in Rome we are able to offer you excellent florists with very reasonable prices.  Flowers are indeed an integral part of your Wedding day. They will have a permanent place in the Wedding photographs so we understand the importance of having beautiful flowers.

We will discuss your bouquet ideas for your Wedding Day.  You should think about the style of your Wedding Dress as well as the colour scheme and theme of your Wedding.  We are able to offer you examples of bouquet types. Alternatively, if you have a particular style, shape or flower type in mind, we would be happy to discuss this with our talented florist.

Flowers at the Reception

It is not always the case that flowers are expected at the Reception. Sometimes reception venues offer flowers as an optional extra. If this is the case, they will provide you with the information to include costs etc.  In the event where there is no policy laid down for flowers we can negotiate with the venue to bring our florist in to decorate the venue to your specifications.

Button holes

Our florists would be very happy to supply the groom, groomsmen and perhaps even your guests with button holes of your choice.

Church flowers

The flowers within the Church can really make an impact and create a romantic atmosphere.

Some Churches use their own florist. Where this is the case, we will discuss with you the options for decorating the Church.


At the Church

In Rome there are Churches who deal with a resident musician/singer specifically for Weddings.  These people are excellent and will provide a very spiritual dimension to your Wedding Mass.  We also have our own wonderful soloist and musician. You can therefore be sure to have music to add to the atmosphere of your Wedding Mass



Every couple who has decided to marry in Rome do so for various reasons. Some people want a simple yet elegant Wedding Day in Rome with family and close friends. You may want a beautiful Wedding Mass followed by a long, relaxed meal and drinks in one of our specially chosen family restaurants. You can be sure that our restaurants will really make your Wedding Day in Rome a memorable experience.

Or you may wish to have a very grand Wedding in Rome. You may want to have a very opulent Wedding in one of our luxurious Villas, with stunning views overlooking Rome! You may even wish to go further afield to the Umbria region or even into the Tuscan countryside to have a lavish yet intimate day.
You may even prefer to have a quiet and private Wedding Day with no reception but rather, have a candle lit dinner for two. We can provide for your needs. Just ask!

The Wedding Cake

No Wedding would be complete without cutting the Wedding Cake. At your request, we will endeavour to supply you with a choice of Wedding cakes for your special day in Rome.

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Special Post Covid offer £1200


For all clients who secure their Wedding booking with us during 2022

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