Getting Around Rome

We would recommend travelling the old fashioned way; by foot! There is so much to take in that some sights are bound to be missed by taking public transport. Your hotel will provide you with an easy to read map with highlighted areas of interest. Then, get walking!

If you would prefer a faster alternative, there are many modes of transport:

Metro: The Metro Service is a fast way of getting around the city. Tickets can be bought from the tobacconists (Tabacchi) and from machines in the metro stations. Please ensure that you have validated your ticket by punching it in the machines provided. There are on the spot fines for invalid ticket use. Line A (the red line) runs between Battistini and Anagnina with stops near the Vatican Museums (Cipro), the Vatican (Ottaviano), the Spanish Steps, Via Veneto and San Giovanni.
Line B (the blue line) operates between Rebibbia and Laurentina, stopping at St Paul’s outside the walls, Piramide, Circus Maximus and the Colosseum as well as Tiburtina train station.

Bus: This is the most common form of travel in Rome. Tickets can be bought from the Tabacchi. ATAC buses generally serve the city centre while COTRAL buses service the suburbs. Buses generally operate from 6am to midnight every day. Slow travel has more information about this bus service.

Taxis: A taxi is a good option for those who would prefer not to walk. Only choose an official marked taxi from the rank. These are white with ‘taxi’ lights in top and each cab has a license number. Always agree your price prior to getting in.

River Boat: For a more romantic way of seeing Rome, consider a river boat trip on the Tiber River. There are trips to Ostia Antica or longer cruises with dinner.

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